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  • dIANE vs aNNIE

    which one is better ? state ur opinions and vote
    Currently Using

    Moisturizer-Carrot Cream
    Brushes-Diane #8114, WavEnforcer #555, Annie #2119
    HeadGear- WaveBuilder Wavecap, Tsurag,
    Just the basics moisturizer replenisher condition

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    I've only used Diane, when I first started wavin they were highly recommended so now my whole arsenal consists of Diane brushes. That 8157 seems to be one of if not the best palm shaped hard brushes out there, and the 8119/8118 seems to be a favorite of many wavers on here. My favorites are the 8158, 8157, 8115, and the 8119. These 4 brushes cover all phases from a fresh cut to the worst days of wolfin with ease.
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      Its quality over many brushes, annie has many brushes but diane brushes have better overall quality thats makes it better than the annie brushes..thats my opinion


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        I feel Diane brushes are better then annie's just cuz the quality of the brush itself. There well made nd real comfortable whether it's a palm or handle brush. #Diane #8119 (med) #8169 (soft) by far my fav brushes.
        BRUSHES- Diane #8169 (soft) #8119 (Med) #8159 (Hard).
        Wave enforcer #510, krest 6000 wave comb (shower brush/comb)
        MOISTURIZER'S- Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, shea moisture curl & style milk, shea moisture Hold & shine spray.
        OIL'S- Argan oil, Pure jojoba oil.
        POMADE- Kemi oyl Pomade, WaveBuilder Cocoa & Shea. (when needed)
        SHAMPOO- Shea moisture curl & shine.

        #Team TSUrag

        Wolfin sesh- 4-6 weeks

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          I dont use either now but annie was my fave.
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            Originally posted by spiiN View Post
            Its quality over many brushes, annie has many brushes but diane brushes have better overall quality thats makes it better than the annie brushes..thats my opinion
            Annie and Diane have about the same number of brushes, They have long handle, club, and palm brushes, they have hard soft medium in both 100% boar and then synthetic bristles, then you got the double sided brushes which are the same way, mini brushes are like that two and they even have the two sided mini brush
            Originally posted by BrazyWavez
            I do kno that sum dude on fb kame at [Sir Cruse] and vega and said dey both text there hair b4 and they got definsive but never denied it vega just. Said "so nobody kares ur just mad. Kuz. Ur waves. Are shitty"........dude waves was shitty lmao but he kouldve been tellin the truth
            this niqqah tried to battle me smh
            Originally posted by SwaggaRichards
            thats my waves are deeper than urs
            i want to battle you

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              Both two good quality brushes but the CQP beats both by far. The Diane has overall better quality than Annie, thats y i stopped using Annies
              All NATURAL

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              Crown Quality Products Blue#776[Medium Ceaser Brush)
              Wave Connections Crown Method/Plastic Bag Method.

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                I use diane so Ima go with it.
                Currently using:
                360 style pomade
                carrot oil
                glossing polish
                Diane softy 8168
                Diane hard brush 8158
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                  I use both.. But my favorite brush Is an Annie , #2120. I love her.
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                    dianne is better but ima try annie
                    with my waves i can bag the chicks


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                      dianne is more popular too
                      with my waves i can bag the chicks