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  • Playstation 8k

    The Playstation 4K and The bootleg PlayStation VR = Useless - It's not worth the price at this time, only considered to be worth something for those who lack of science and technology knowledge?

    You're better off sticking with your original Playstation 4 without the bootleg Playstation VR.


    If you want to see sharp and clear images with superior resolution and you never had a Playstation 4, you can purchase a Playstation 4k, without the bootleg Playstation VR.

    The Real Playstation VR comes in 2020 with Playstation 8k.
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    If you see something, say something without being labeled as a character in this world.

    When people proposed this answer "You act like you know everything", it means their education system never for-filled its duty on stimulating the learning process of the real world knowledge to come to the realization of the true meanings of what they currently see and hear.