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dogs- what breeds u like?

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  • dogs- what breeds u like?

    dogs- what breeds u wavers got?

    i got an american bulldog since pitbulls are illegal in england, can still get em but id rather keep my dog lolll

    what you guys got? post ur pics

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    i have a Doberman Pinscher and a German Shepherd

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      I had a Jack Russel terrier once. Dustin was the best dog ever - loyal, friendly and full of energy. I still miss that little trickster. Now I have a Hungarian Pointer. She is a real beauty but always gets into trouble... Smashed all the pots near my window last year Last week she picked up fleas somewhere so we were forced to have a course of medication. I don't like using chemical remedies, it can cause side effects. Here is the article about how to get rid of those insects, and there is a lot of natural remedies there:
      Whether you find flea bites on humans or pets, you need to take urgent measures to remove these dangerous bloodsuckers. There are useful chemicals and home remedies for fleas which you can use without causing any harm to your pet.