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    Welcome to the WaveBuilder Training Forum! This board acts as a supplement to the WaveBuilder line. You can post your own tips, pose questions for other wavers to answer, ask about products and much more.

    Please adhere to a few simple rules to make the board and its forums as effective and enjoyable as possible.

    1. Please make sure to post topics to the correct forum. Forums are clearly labeled in their title and also include a description fo further explain their contents. Posting to the correct forum not only keeps things organized but it ensures that your questions are answered faster.

    2. When creating a post, especially a question, please feel free to use the SEARCH functionality beforehand to make sure what you're posting isn't redundant. Not only will this keep the board clutter-free, it may produce an answer to your question much faster than you waiting for a reply.

    3. Personal attacks or defamitory statements will not be tolerated on the board. Treat others on these message boards as you would expect them to treat you. Slamming another user or posting topics specifically to provoke a negative response from an individual, a group or an entire community is not acceptable on the board. These posts will be deleted and may result in having the privilege of posting on the boards revoked.

    4. Purposely spamming the board with senseless, vacuous, or empty messages is highly frowned upon! This includes such things as chain letters, two-word "I agree" or "me too" responses, continually posting the same topic on a particular board, posting the same question across several boards and using the Quote feature without contributing anything new to a thread.

    5. No blatant advertising. If you're a beautician or a salon owner and you'd like to give your business a mention here and there or include your shop's URL in your signature - that's fine. If you are using the boards to advertise a competitive product, you will be warned and subsequently banned for any further violations.

    We also encourage you to post images of your results with WaveBuilder. Post them here or in the Gallery. Before and After shots are GREAT! The "IMG" button at the top of your message entry area should be familiar to many of you, but if you still have a problem uploading photos, please send a Private Message to me and I'll send help your way.

    Enjoy the board and let's start building those spinning 360 waves!