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The Change has Come Finally!!!

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  • The Change has Come Finally!!!

    Hi all. This is the new forum admin. We have been busy planning how to run the forums. Finally, we figured things out. We will beef up the forums by doing the following:

    - We will fully accomodate those who are genuinely interested in helping and hanging out with others in the forums.

    - We will NOT allow any spammers. (You can promote your products, websites, blogs, and etc by all means while making contributions to the forums. Though your sites must have useful information for our forum users. Promoting scam websites, illegal websites such as child pronography will get your forum IDs banned in addition to removal of links to the sites.)

    - We will NOT allow any links to illegal file sharing sites.

    - We will take action against those who have no other purpose than to give other users a bad experience in the forums.

    Welcome again to our forums.

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    I understand we are kind of late, but I am optimistic that we can change the forums in a good way. You are still here because our site is a great place to hang out with other wavers. We will be working hard to make the forums better.


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      It's abou time. WB where you been at man!
's a MOVEment...