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  • Starting wave journey

    What's good y'all.
    Excited to be on this wave journey. I'm mixed so my hair is naturally curly/wavy. Been wolfin for about 6 weeks and just got a cut yesterday. I see decent progress but looking to get deeper waves.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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      Nice journey to be on 6wks wolfing, Let the training begin.....Since you have a 3c-4a hair texture. I recommend you start with WaveBuilder styling products BRUSH in Waves daily training lotion to soften and moisturize your hair, SPIN'N Wave Classic cream to hold & define your waves, Deep Wave pomade to form and add shine (for stubborn hair that doesn't lay easy) & WASH in Waves shampoo. Remember,you can never get enough moisture & Brush, Brush. Brush in the pattern you want your waves to form. Good Luck and send us some progress pics when you get them thing on Spin
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        Appreciate it. I've been more consistent with my brushing and have noticed some progress with brushing in the shower too.


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          Great progress bro.. shower brushing def helps.. Also wash and style method as well..
          Week 1.....July 13, 2014 (Complete)
          Week 2.....July 20, 2014 (In Progress)
          Week 3.....Pending
          Week 4.....Pending
          Week 5.....Pending
          Week 6.....Pending
          Week 7.....Pending
          Week 8.....Pending

          I went from nap to waves to no waves now Im ready to go back!