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Bald spot and weak side

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  • Bald spot and weak side

    bald spot on front of my head from durag and weak side hairs won't lay down. I have a line going through my weak side when I brush.
    help please
    Last edited by 360eg; 06-26-2018, 11:52 PM.

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    hey 360eg, for both problems it sounds like your durag is cutting into your hair and making a line or bald spot. Try tying it a little lower like a bit onto your forehead. or try the full force durag since it pulls the hair in a different direction. For the weak side, just keep brushing, and you'll have to wolf (grow your hair out longer) to get it to come in more. To get them to lay down, use a stronger pomade.


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      Thank you so much


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        Im a bit late but i recommend you get a wavebuilder seamless durag. It may help with this it also gives great compression. Just dont tie ANY durag to tight. Any pictures would be appreciated to solve the problem.