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Struggling with sides

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  • Struggling with sides

    Im on my 7th week wolfing and my waves on the sides are still not comming. I have been trying to get waves since august and they are only coming in the middle. I only recently tried the H20 method and that doesn
    Middle Sides
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    My hair will just curl up then the next day go back to normal after i keep my durag on and brush.
    As you can see in the last picture that was my waves before i cut my hair. Any advice or what I should do or what i am doing wrong
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      Hey justmerkz! Sorry for the delay in replying. From the photos above it definitely looks like you've been brushing. Nice work! The sides are often toughest to get waves. It sounds like you're doing some of the right things--brushing, wearing a durag, wolfing. I would just make sure you focus on the sides. brush out from the crown and toward your cheeks like in the photo. Since it looks like you have coarse hair, try using a harder brush, especially when you're wolfing (look for a firm/extra firm or hard/extra hard brush). Wavebuilder's Ripple Cream is good for hard to wave hair. You should also apply a pomade, since that helps lay down your hair. brushing directions.jpg