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  • wave grease

    hey could any body tell me the best wave grease to use? cuz right now im useing carrot oil and scurl 360style wave control pomade. then also need some thing thats going to make it shine. please help me

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    u doin good wit the carrot oil..but that damn 360 shit is garbage i use to use that and all it did was make my shit feel greasy man jus brush away in the shower while washin ya hair and all that..but sportin wave is pretty good shit but the ish in the black can cuz the gold shi is whack to me too


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      thank u

      thank u for that man ill let u know so results when i get some of that grease


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        if u have waves den do wat u doin buh
        if u dunt have dat much den

        get carrot creme by hollywood beauty den brush brush brush and do rag

        NO POMADE

        untyll u have waves so dey can be more defined