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  • Monsoon Durags and Wave Caps

    My son and I recently started the 360 Wave journey. We both did some research online on some good durags and wave caps. After some research I learned from 360 Jeezy about the "Monsoon Caps". They make both Durags and Wave Caps. I have bought 3 different models which are listed below:

    Python Wave Cap
    Python Durag

    Both caps have been working amazing for both me and my son. I really like these Durags for 2 reasons. The 1st reason is the material which is used is kind of like Jersey material and actually has a stretch to it which is why it's called the Python model. The 2nd reason is that the straps on the Durags actually are pretty wide which prevents the problem you get with most wave caps, which is it cutting into you forehead. There is also an option to get these caps customized with the image of your choice as long as it meets copyright limitations. I would strongly recommend you guys checking these out since I was really impressed. This review is unbiased as me and my son don't sell anything, but are just 2 wavers trying to share and learn from others. You can find these Durags by searching for Monsoon Caps or going to