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  • Torino v Crown Quality

    I been lookin recently thru some YouTubers and shit, been seeing some of the homies rocking out with Torino's now and it raises the question to me..are Torino's the real deal ? I'm curious to know if yall prefer Torino brushes over Crown Quality, or if it's the other way around ? Let me know

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    I've been using CQP for years now and just recently bought the hard Torino pro curve handle & palm brushes so I can compare. I always swore by CQP but so far I'm really liking the Torinos! The bristles are harder, appear to be a little longer and the handle brush has a sharper point so you can work the crown better. Just my opinion


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      Torino quality is BEST hands down . Better longer bristles. Better quality wood. Better colors last longer lol faster shipping I mean I can go on. Cqp used to be the shit when they had pride. Now their brushes are made cheap
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        C/s. They did deliver with the quickness and the paint job is MUCH better. CQP is still good imo if you don't care about the paint fading but all around I think Torino got the edge 4 now.