So i seen somewhere about not posting in posts over 4-5 months old so lets get this topic popping in 2016. I love my og diane brushes (8159, 8119 8169) Seen a few reviews about the newer version and far as im concerned the quality and the strokes arent the same as the og version. cqp..... bought the medium blue and the meduim/soft red brushes. the bristles are the shit, love the feel of every stroke but the quality is so garbage. after 3 weeks the medium blue was already cracking straight down the center of the brush (without shower brushing with it) and the medium/soft has 3 to 4 small crack at the top of it to the point where rows of bristles have started falling out. brushing with them feels good but due to quality alone is reason enough for me not to buy them again, which do yall like more. new school vs old school or the curved brushes?