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Just got the New Diane 8119 ( Bolded letters)

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  • Just got the New Diane 8119 ( Bolded letters)

    I don't really see why there so much hate on this brush feels good on my head has great length etc etc only have had one problem with it so far which is bristles falling out idk if I got just got a messed u one of if they are all like this bad the good out weights the bad with this brush and I say with worth getting paid 6.30 USD for

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    About bristles it was just a few lose ones they aren't falling out anymore and it does not affect the brush's use it still a really good meduim and feels really nice


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      I never seen the Annie's or the Diane's in the store where I'm from... And I relocated for work so I know for a fact they don't have that shit out here, (they don't even have wave caps or durags) that's why I got CQPs, I got one and two on the way. They ight but I feel like ppl waves get better once they cop a CQP cuz they excited about brushing so they go in. But it's def a good brush no doubt, if you got the bread I say invest. But if you doing good with what you got stay with it, plus the delivery time ass!

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        Yea I don't really find diane brush in stores often its mostly annie I see