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CQP Warranty?

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  • CQP Warranty?

    Has anyone had any problems with the quality of the brush? I rinsed mine out with warm water and placed it bristles down logo up to dry like I have always done for all of my brushes. I go to use it today and theres a huge crack running down the middle of it. I know water getting inside the wood can damage it but it wasn't submerged or boiled. No extremely hot or cold water was used, it was not left in a window to dry so wtf. How does almost a 30$ brush crack in half after a light rinsing? An on top of that the logo started coming off the first day I got it from basic use. The finish was blotchy, and the quality of the bristles suck. My 4$ Diane #D9163 has better quality than this brush. Don't get me wrong the brushing experience is different with the CQP brush but you can't have quality product in the name and it fails to live up to it. Even after waiting a whole month an a half bs you would think the quality for such a hyped up brush would match that.