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Multiple questions from Beginner Waver

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  • Multiple questions from Beginner Waver

    I have a couple of questions concerning my waves that I could use as much feedback with. I recently began my 180 wave journey on June 1st, 2019. I have mixed hair, I believe it is medium hair texture in between wavy and curly, I have attached a photo of my waves as well if anyone can correct that classification of my hair type for my waves. My hair does get slightly coarse as well. I was wondering for my next haircut, what is the best length to cut it to without it being too low and looking weird. I personally think for my next haircut I would get a 5 or 6 open guard with the grain on top but I'm not sure. Also, what are some good wave brush brands for hard and medium bristles as well as the best durag to get? When I brush currently I use a hard bristle brush since I have been wolfing since my last haircut in August. I use only 2 natural products which are raw cocoa and shea butter which work pretty good since I like using natural products. What is everyone else experience with using raw cocoa and shea butter for their waves? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Also, I appreciate any tips to help enhance my waves and to make them connect and lined up evenly. So feel free to leave tips in the comments. Thank you.