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Hair is frizzy when I use hard brush

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  • Hair is frizzy when I use hard brush

    Im a beginning waver, Its only my 3rd week out here. I was just wondering if I use a hard brush is my hair supposed to look like I combed it out. And if it is, how long is it gonna look like an afro

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    That’s what happens when you use a hard brush I’m pretty should should invest in a soft or medium brush. Soft brushes lay the little frizzy hair down


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      The old saying is to use a hard brush when your hair gets longer. The hard bristles makes it easier to move “wolf’d” (longer) hair. But to be honest with you, you can still achieve amazing waving results with only one brush. Try to find a brush that can move your hair and not aggravate your scalp.

      After each brushing session put on a durag to aid in laying down hair


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        Hey, One should never use a hard brush on hair as it will start breaking your hair. So, better to go for soft bristle brush.