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Side Waves Just Wont Comply :(

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  • Side Waves Just Wont Comply :(

    So, I've been wolfing for about a month now in order to get my side waves going. My product list includes: WaveBuilder Coca & Shea, WaveBuilder Natural Wave, SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Natural Co-wash, Medium Hard Brush, Hard Brush. I don't use all of them at once, these are just products I have used. After all the brushing and wolfing, I have yet to see one wave on my right side lol. Somebody, anybody, HELP A BROTHER OUT.

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    chances are your a side sleeper and sleep on your right side. Make that a focus, get rid of the pomade and focus on moisturizing and brushing. You need to brush the right side double to play catch up. Furthermore, start shower brushing.
    Week 1.....July 13, 2014 (Complete)
    Week 2.....July 20, 2014 (In Progress)
    Week 3.....Pending
    Week 4.....Pending
    Week 5.....Pending
    Week 6.....Pending
    Week 7.....Pending
    Week 8.....Pending

    I went from nap to waves to no waves now Im ready to go back!