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Need help Fighting frizz & definition

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  • Need help Fighting frizz & definition

    My waves are not very defined, even on top u fan only see them in certain angles (btw been waving since September and my progress is very slow) sides don't wave up as much as I brush it, my crown is very straight hair, I experience mad over curl when using any product,. Plastic bag is good.but doesn't make my waves show well when unrwgging, have mighty frizz
    also I struggle with definition my waves don't pop even with a trim it's like they're never shiny and can only see them when I put my head directly down
    Any tips please????

    I.apply my pomade
    hard brush for 45 mins medium for 30
    Soft brush has no pull so I don't use it
    I do this every night *

    Also hot towel doesn't work because get over curl with any slight bit of moisture
    ny progress is very slow despite relentless brushing
    also I brush my sides ALOT & PROGRESS is very slow, not bothered about forks until my waves are fully establoshed!
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    I would recommend wolfing longer, microwaving the towel for 10 seconds instead of putting it in hot water and putting oil inside the plastic bag for shine.