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Course hair 360 waves tips?

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  • Course hair 360 waves tips?

    I've been trying to get 360s for a while now I'm geeing progress on my head its probably Ben a month since I got my haircut my waves are sloppy and I'm tryin to make them look better and form those connections around my head if any of u got any tips that'd be great
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    For sure your waves are definitely startin to come in but it does look like your hair could use extra moisturization. Try usin Olive Oil and Shea Butter Smoothie interchangeably, and about once a day. Make sure too when you shower, brush your product in and let it sit, then wash it out with less hot water. After that, throw some olive oil in your hair to lock in that moisture, brush for a lil bit then rag up.


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      Yeah thanks bro I been worrying about how dry my hair be when I take off my durag in the morning I been lookin for some products that can keep my hair moisturized n stuff


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        Hey bro, try to focus on brushing alot more than you are at this point. Bump up brushing and moisturizing your hair. Keep it soft n clean. Get a trim and keep going crazy
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          keep wolfing. Dont get a haircut for about another 6 weeks. Brush and moisturize your hair constantly. When your not brushing your hair shoudl be capped up so you can train your hair. Also add shower brushing to your routine and when you wash yourhair make sure you ware brushing in the pattenr of your waves
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            Bro durag and brush are your bestfriends right now along with wolfing get you a good conditioner and you straight. brush brush brush, durag durag durag, and wolf wolf wolf.