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    Made a post a while back about wolfing , im new to waving , i was seeing progress after 5 weeks and it was looking good so i decided to CUT MY HAIR , dropped my clippers and broke my gaurd ⚠⚠ , so i scalped being i didnt have the correct gaurd to replace it . i am now 2-3 weeks into brushing again trying to regain progress and i have slight ripples which im proud of. Now i am wondering if i should go for a 12 week wolf before cutting my hair grows extremely fast im a medium straight hair texture. Please tell me what u think i should do im a rookie lol never had waves before. I use pomades and 2 moisturizers daily (pomades every other day on rotation murrays and 360) . any tips would be amazing. I brush about 8 to 9 hours a day.