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tips and products for coarse hair?

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  • tips and products for coarse hair?

    hey all! so im kinda new to waving (I've been keeping my hair cut 1 with the grain tapered while training it for about a year now). I've been wanting to attempt wolfing and have gotten to 2nd or 3rd stage, but my hair keeps rolling back once it gets past about a 1.5 . any suggestions on products and methods I should try? Im brushing with #1556 Torino pro and a slightly firmer Torino pro (the number rubbed off). I use the sof waves lotion, spinnin wave cream, ors smoothing hold pudding, pink lotion, oil blend, and sport'n waves. I dont always use all the products at once. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    this is a fresh haircut (1 wtg tapered) a few days after a fresh cut 3 weeks since last cut

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    hey nashyboy. it looks like you're doing the right things so far! but yes you need to wolf to get the waves deeper. and especially on the tapered part, you have to grow that longer to get it to wave. Not sure what you mean by "keeps rolling back" when it gets past a 1.5 though. When you wolf, it's pretty common for your hair to look messy and for teh waves to be hidden underneath. You can keep going longer as long as you brush. but you do need to get it trimmed down to see your progress. When you wolf, use the firmer brush. also when your hair is longer use a stronger pomade to keep it laid down (the strongest wavebuilder pomade is the Super Wax--not sure how it compares to sportin waves).