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From long hair to waves

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  • From long hair to waves

    Im on my 3 week cut right now i can feel my waves and see a little bit but my question is when im not doing a session what brush should i use through out the day? Soft medium or hard?
    Hows it looking my back is the hardest for me.

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    Whats up fellow waver, honestly you should use a soft brush because it helps your hair lay down (ones without pull). It's not recommended that you blind brush or basically brushing without a mirror but if you know your angles go ahead and brush with a softy. You don't have to use only a softy though, can use a medium brush if you don't mind your hair frizzing up. Nice progress btw! Keep brushin bro!


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      Thanks alot bro i think ill stick with a softie in the day time dont want my hair frizzing up.


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        Yw bro. Waiting for your next cut


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