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  • Laying hair down

    Alright I have been working for 4 weeks now and my hair is lifting up. Before I go to bed every night i do the plastic bag method and then put 2 wave caps on. But throughout the school day, my hair be frizing on shit. Any tips to lay hair down or sum.

    Attached are sum pictures of my hair in the morning.

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    whats up bro you need to make sure you adding enough moisture to ya hair dry hair is gonna be frizzy af no matta what you do so heres some tips

    1: moisture ya hair and do the hot towel method before this will open ya pores and make sure the hair is absorbent it i recommend olive creme by ors or carrot creme by Hollywood beauty either works tho

    2. you said you putting to wave caps on ya head at night this is a secret to help them lay down wet it with HOT water so hot you would burn ya self squeeze excess water out and put them on ya head what this does is when something is hot its much more stretchy and loose but if you let it dry on ya head it gonna shrink and force ya hair to lay down.

    3.Make sure you going in with the softy too plastic bag only helps a little but that dont mean you dont need to brush ya hair like b4 its gonna train your hair to stay down keep that brush in ya hand at all times.

    4.Get chu a dream deluxe durag too they silky and lay ya hair and make it silky smooth

    5. Add some type of light pomade or butter like shea butter or 360 style some type of light but nice holding grease

    Lemme know how it go bro keep on da grind and your results will show im a mixed black and white waver and my shit be frizzy as hell so thats what works for me


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      Alright thanks wavemanmike


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        for sure bro if you need more help hmu i know alot of anti frizz methods


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          Ayo Romario3656 how is tht method wrking???


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            wavemanmike The hot towel method works really well. So I figure my hair was not laying down bc it was most likely dry.


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              Romario3656 glad to hear that g


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                I always use the hot towel method to lay it down.
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