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Over curled hair problem

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  • Over curled hair problem

    I have coarse hair and my hair has grown to the point where now when I use curl enhancer smoothie it over curls my hair when I brush afterwards. Ive tried applying the ces to my hair when its damp and it makes the situation worse. Damp or dry my hair just over curls. I tried to fix it by brushing with a hard brush but im not having any luck at all. I would appreciate some suggestions if you got them.

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    Shake your CES bottle so all the ingredients mix. Then, open it and dip two fingertips into the inside of the top cover... it should be just enough.


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      All I can say is what I would do because I have been in this situation is, have an extended brushing session longer than usual, switch over to a product that doesnt makr your hair over curl and keeps it manageable, or trim your hair down.

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        I appreciate the help fellas. I did the 2 fingers to the lid tip and it helped with the proportions. I also put in more brushing to my schedule and it helped out even more. I was currently on my 7th week of wolfing but while I was wolfing I wasnt see any progress really. I could still see the waves on the top though. I had enough of brushing through so much hair so I took desperate measures. Im kinda broke atm but I own some cheap conairs with random guards. I cut low enough where its still dark and I actually have waves on the side. Thank you basedgod