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Newest best method on getting 360 waves

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  • Newest best method on getting 360 waves

    Materials: Doo rag or Wave Cap

    Hard bristle brush

    Wave Pomade (Murray's orange can is recommended, but you can also use 360 waves, Duke, Sportin' Waves or Nu Nile)

    Hot Water

    Dry Towel

    Before getting started, you're hair should be no less than 1 ½ inch thick in order to achieve the 360 degree pattern. Anything less than that would be too short, so if your bald, you're going to have to wait and if your afro'ed up cut it!

    Step 1: First thing you're going to have to do is wash and shampoo your hair to make sure it's clean. It's suggested to use a good conditioning shampoo to protect your hair before you form your waves.

    Step 2: Put a generous amount of the pomade in your hand and began to massage it thru your hair. It may seem white at first, but this is how it's suppose to look for now.

    Step 3: Get the towel and place it in the hot water then wring it out.

    Step 4: Place the towel across your head for 2-3 minutes and press firmly against the towel to allow the pomade to melt into your hair. Once done remove towel.

    Step 5: Get your brush and begin brushing from the middle of your head forward. Always remember to go in the direction that your hair goes, it's not wise to go against the grain if you're trying to achieve the 360 degree pattern. Do this until you've went all the way around your hair.

    Step 6: Tie your doo rag or wave cap down on your head for at least 30 minutes. (It's best to do this before you go to bed or when you have spare time)

    Step 7: Repeat this process more than once a day and know that the more you brush, the better thewaves will be.P.S.

    DON'T brush your hair once you remove the doo rag and DON'T wash your hair for one or two weeks. Doing this causes the waves to not get a solid set. Also remember not to get a haircut for up to 2 weeks; it's good to get a quick line up but not full haircut.
    click here for my method