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Waves cant bee seen as well as before and what to do about shampoo?

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  • Waves cant bee seen as well as before and what to do about shampoo?

    Yo whats up ive been doing this for 2 weeks now and the first week went good but into the second week as my hair grew more i noticed my waves werent showing as much, could it be because i may not be brushing enough or is
    there something else i should be doing? P.S.- I wet my hair with a hot rag at night for like 15 seconds then i apply the grease and brush for like a minute then i put the rag on.

    Also i read online u r not suppose to wash your hair for a bit and i was wondering when can i wash my hair?

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    you wash your hair about 2-3 times a week. You were saying that you brush your hair for about a minute. I hope that isnt that only minute you do all day. Also, you should be brushing a lot longer after washing.


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      wtf kkep ya hair clan as ***k


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        brush, brush, brush. New to the game will take a while to maintain your waves as hair grows. Defn sounds like you need to brush more tho.
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          i know

          i had this had happen to me when i first started out let me show u wat happened.

          1'st week-i could see the waves

          2'nd week-i could see it but not as much

          3-rd week- my waves were deep as shit

          4'th week-i got even deeper waves

          here is wat i think u should do this is wat i did
          if u have nappy hair u use the egg treatment
          thats wat i did when u put a egg in ur hair it lays down ur hair and changes the texturizer but only do it once a month it will permentley change in texture making it smooth and nice ok just try it and the second week is never my favorite keep on training


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            brushhh brushhh every where u go brush


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              yea bro u need to brush more you should brush ur hair at least 200 times a day


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                Either buy or order off ebay a Diane 8118 . Its a medium brush with a short handle. The best out there in my opinion. And brush whenever u have free time man...