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Hair curling backwards instead of laying down

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  • Hair curling backwards instead of laying down

    My hair is all laid down and my waves are very noticeable. When I take off my rag everything looks fine, but once I start brushing these two parts of my hair curls backward which causes them to stick up. I don't know what's wrong or how I can fix this.

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    What length of hair do you have? It can be not enough for waves. Try to watch some videos on youtube how to brash it and what length it should be. Maybe you need to change brush. To my friend very help wooden brush, you can read about it in this link It also has a massage effect to your head and helps hair grow quicker.


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      POst pics of hair so we can get a visual
      Week 1.....July 13, 2014 (Complete)
      Week 2.....July 20, 2014 (In Progress)
      Week 3.....Pending
      Week 4.....Pending
      Week 5.....Pending
      Week 6.....Pending
      Week 7.....Pending
      Week 8.....Pending

      I went from nap to waves to no waves now Im ready to go back!


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        Hi everybody. I have curly hair and I have always hated it. It was always unruly and difficult and I have never left a salon completely happy with the way my hair turned out. I've recently read an interesting article at Vanity Planet Tame Pro-Style Titanium Tourmaline Flat Iron. The article claims that this is a versatile, professional styling tool that can create multiple gorgeous looks. has anyone had any experience with this product? Thanks