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Can you reset waves with Haircut

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  • Can you reset waves with Haircut

    Whats up guys! Quick Question I've been waving since the summer (July-present) and my left side, top and left back sided are looking right (pictured below) no matter what I do the right side of hair it dosent wave up it looks like a different texture tbh. I was wondering if i was to get a mid fade or high fade would it reset my hair so I could work them back up? Or is there a better option than this?


    also any tips for dandruff?
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    I'm not sure about resetting waves with haircut, you'de probably need to get a haircut, grow your hair out, cut it and then begin waving again
    But for the dandruff, just use dandruff shampoo instead of the regular shampoo you use when washing your hair