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Testimony thread: Share what God has done for you

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  • For me, God has done a lot. But the main thing is that he gave me character by taking me thru struggles to help me up into a man. He opened my heart, my mind and my soul and walked with me thru my tough times. I don't even pray for a way out anymore, I pray to god to out me thru more test so I can prove that I am the man he has enough faith in to wake up and continue to bless. God has blessed me numerous ways, but he changed my soul and let me tell u; the peace I feel in my heart at this moment is amazing and I would never be who I am without struggle and strife. Thank u God for never giving up on me


    • God blessed me with my mother and gave me a roof over my head and alowed me to see how the world really is
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      Once I get everything I need this will be my method
      1. Shower
      2. Anti Dandruff Shampoo
      3. Brush WTG
      4. Anti Dandruff Conditioner
      5. Let sit for 5 min
      6. Brush WTG and rinse
      7. After shower Curl Enhacing Smoothie
      8. Brush
      9. Shea Butter
      10. Brush
      11. Du Rag(Depends if I'm about to go to sleep.)

      I have ripples near the crown area but only a little the rest of the top of my head is still water...nada....zilch


      • Originally posted by Superb View Post

        Alot of people was tricked into believing there was a god. The bible was written by the GOV to keep society in control

        I know the post that I'm quoting is an old post and I didn't reply at the time due to my habits, but the language that was introduce by you matches the sequence of what's happening to humanity. The software engineers indeed created the bible for the Artificial Intelligence to manage humanity 24/7. The people who was introduced to God never created their own mind to detect that the Artificial Intelligence keeps the job, the lottery, health, crime, education, relationship, income, and accident in shape to reach this civilization at a manageable point.

        The pope, president, mayor, queen, and prime minister are just entertainment for the citizens mind to keep maintaining their doubts.
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        Wolfin the top for 1 year to curl up to help form waves.

        Repairing broken skin with a small dent using chemical peel.

        Connecting the sides and given it more depth.